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Against my better judgment (i.e., I don’t usually rush and install dot zero releases of macOS), I went ahead and finally succeeded in downloading the installer a couple of days ago (my earlier attempts to download the installer failed miserably, probably due to the fact that everyone is trying to download the release). What attracted me most in this release is simple: dark mode. Now that I finally installed the update, am I satisfied with it?

Just as with most things in life, the answer to the question is a big, bold “It depends.” The highly touted dark mode is actually a meh for me. I don’t know, perhaps it’s due to the fact that support for the feature is not yet universally applied in apps. I also feel that the color template of those apps that do support dark mode is not pleasant to my eyes. So, I find myself reverting to the old light mode although I do take advantage to the different highlight colors now available in Mojave. In the end, customization is indeed not macOS’s strong suite even after all these years.

Now, how about other aspects of the new OS? Well, performance-wise, I don’t really see any detrimental effects of Mojave on my old 2012 MacBook Pro. Since I don’t have any objective way to measure any change in performance, anything I am going to say is purely subjective. However, in any case, I don’t see any slow downs or other detrimental effects of the OS. In fact, I feel that my machine seem snappier than before. Again, without any objective measurements, all I am saying here could simply be a psychological effect.

In conclusion, do I think Mojave is worth it? Well, just as High Sierra, I really don’t see any reason to advise against upgrading. Be advised, that as always you have to take the usual precautions: back up your system and be prepared that some apps may be lagging behind in supporting the new OS (or outright no longer updated to support the new OS). If you have taken all those precautions, then go ahead and download, install and enjoy the new OS.


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